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How to Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

Do you know how to Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps? Although it goes against most of what you’ve read, healthy busy compatible

How to Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

Do you know how to Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps? Although it goes against most of what you’ve read, being healthy and busy are actually compatible. Additionally, it doesn’t call for lengthy meal preparation periods. The key is to keep things as simple as you can and make a commitment to quick daily tasks that will help you prepare for success throughout the week.

It’s no secret that I enjoy cooking, but to be quite honest, there are 467 other things on the weekend that I’d rather do than spend all day in the kitchen. You might say that I’m a slack cook.

Being healthy and busy can coexist, despite what you’ve read most likely telling you. It also doesn’t necessitate a lot of time spent on meal preparation. The secret is to keep things as straightforward as you can and commit to brief daily chores that will help you set yourself up for success all week long.

Although it’s no secret that I love to cook, the truth is that there are 467 other things I’d rather do on the weekends than spend all day in the kitchen. I suppose you could say I’m a slack cook. You won’t often find me wasting hours preparing a dinner; I may not be so much lazy as I am efficiency-obsessed.

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What are the things you could do now to make later just a little bit easier?

I like to imagine how proud my future self will be of me and my vision. Oh, you’re welcome. Wake up to lunches prepared and coffee already ground. Utilizing quick fixes to make mealtimes less complicated can help people feel less overwhelmed by food. Reducing the complexity of your meals will free up your mental energy for other vital tasks, like cuddling with your humans.

Just keep in mind to begin modestly. Easy is sustainable, and small steps are easy. Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

We need to let go of the notion that our efforts must be very strenuous. We’ve been trained to believe that we must go large or it just doesn’t matter, yet that mindset is less than ideal.

6 ways to meal prep for easier mealtimes

This is the main tactic I use. Despite the fact that there are only four of us, our meals frequently appear to be for a gathering of 12. Making a little bit more for the freezer normally requires little extra labor if you’re already performing the work. You’d be surprised at how many items freeze well, but this method works especially well for things like soups and stews. everything, including black bean brownies and breakfast burritos. You’ll be grateful to your future self.

Brown rice is one of my favorite foods to freeze in bulk. There is data that suggests that cooling and cooking rice changes some of the starch into resistant starch, and it reheats flawlessly in a fraction of the time it takes to cook fresh.

prep some ingredients in advance

Slice your vegetables. Red cabbage, greens, cilantro, and radishes are all available in pre-chopped containers, so you can create delectable burrito bowls in the comfort of your own home in a fraction of the time. Another popular approach is to measure the spices beforehand. For dishes I prepare frequently, such as kale chips and roasted chickpeas, I will multiply the spice mixture by four and store it in a tiny jar. Then, every time I need some spice, I just need to grab a tablespoon or two rather than having to measure out ten different types.

The same is true for granola bars or any other standard recipe. Simply combine the dry ingredients, place everything in a mason jar, and attach a little sticky note to the lid with the list of additional ingredients.

Pre-Make Just A Part Of Your Meal: Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

Make the sauce, dip, or dressing you know you’ll want later on in the week by taking a few minutes to do so. Extra points if you prepare multiple servings and keep some of them in the freezer. Hummus, olive tapenade, pesto, tahini sauce, and chimichurri… I could continue forever. It’s so simple to transform any meal from basic to gourmet with the addition of a decent sauce.

I prepared the peanut sauce yesterday, baked the tofu, and prepared a pot of brown rice earlier in the week in preparation for tonight’s stir-fry. Therefore, all that is left to do when I come home from work is assembly. When making healthy meals is so quick and simple, who needs Uber Eats?

cook an entire dish once a week

On Sundays, I frequently prepare dishes like lasagna or enchiladas so we can enjoy them for a few days. And eating homemade lasagna on a Wednesday always makes you feel terrific. Lunches can be packed if the leftovers are immediately placed in containers while washing up. Gotta adore the quick victories!

don’t forget about the trusty old slow cooker

Even though everyone these days seems to be infatuated with Instant Pots, there are occasions when I prefer the slow cooker precisely because of how long it takes. It makes me happy to know that I can put anything in it in the morning and dinner will be ready for me when I come home. That must be how it feels to have a personal chef, right?

Also, don’t overlook breakfast. Not just for soups and stews; it also works for slow-cooked oatmeal or yogurt that is started the night before for hassle-free mornings.

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Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

bowl meals

There isn’t much that is simpler than this. And who can argue that everything tastes better in a bowl?

Bowl meals truly appeal to my quest for wholesome, lovely meals that can be prepared quickly. They more closely resemble a loose structure than a strict recipe. Here are the fundamental components of creating the ideal bowl meal so you can prepare it once and eat properly all week:

anatomy of the perfect bowl

Simplify Your Meal Prep in 5 Simple Steps

how to meal prep for weight loss

Start with the basics: fresh greens and whole grains (my go-to foods are arugula and brown rice).

Protein for endurance (tempeh, tofu, lentils, beans, salmon)

Stress factor (nuts, seeds, roasted chickpeas, and fried onions are crowd favorites)

Vegetable rainbow of raw and roasted

The #joyfactor’s favorite sauce

When it’s time for supper, just add some greens to your dish, then top it with a serving of grains, a variety of vegetables, and a lean protein. It’s a terrific method to get many various colors on your plate, well, bowl, and the options are unlimited.

Here are a few tactics that have been successful in my home and which I hope will help simplify mealtimes in yours as well.