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Get your kids to have a good breakfast before going to school

good breakfast
children eating and drinking at home or kindergarten

With the return to school and work it may be difficult for you to organize yourself with your children:waking them up, dressing them, preparing backpacks, brushing their teeth, grooming yourself and having breakfast can be a daily adventure. Get your kids to have a good breakfast despite the return to school.

However, a balanced breakfast for children is important to reactivate the party and start the day with energy and is associated with better school performance, learning, concentration and well-being. But how do you organize yourself to have healthy breakfasts for kids without getting even more stressed in the mornings?

It is best to leave breakfast, clothes and backpacks prepared. We can do all this the night before.

Your children should have breakfast

According to the WHO, 78.8% of European children eat breakfast. There are some things you can do that can help you get the kids to have a good breakfast, the first of them is to never skip breakfast, they have to do it to be well in school, perform and play. It is not about eating something before leaving home, breakfast should be a healthy meal with the necessary nutrients.

You should keep in mind that it is a habit that is learned and what children see in us is very important. if you have breakfast with your children they will learn the importance of doing it, also try to always be at the same time. Dedicate enough time, have breakfast without haste and with the necessary calm, that will help you make it easier, leave backpacks and clothes prepared the night before, as we anticipated before, will save you a lot of time.

Ideas for preparing your children’s breakfast

Try to prepare different breakfasts throughout the week so that they do not get bored. And keep in mind that your breakfast includes the following:

Liquids: at night the body becomes dehydrated and in the mornings you have to drink. You can offer the kids water, homemade vegetable drink, cereal coffee or milk with cocoa.

Carbohydrates: e.g. whole wheat bread, oat flakes, muffins or pancakes with whole grain flours

Proteins: it satisfies them and they are also important for their growth, it will be enough to include nuts and seeds, vegetable pâtés such as hummus or tofu And of course fresh fruit, you can prepare smoothies with whole fruit or give them pieces of fresh fruit. The vegetable can be made in the form of juices in the blender.

Some healthy options are muffins, oatmeal cookies, or pancakes. another option is salty breakfasts, for example snacks or even burritos. Yogurt with fruit is a very good option and even smoothies, you can leave the fruit prepared in sachets and have them ready in a couple of minutes.