At Healthcare Niche, we approach health from a humanized and individualized perspective, emphasizing an individual’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and professional lives.

We recognize that people are the point of care in the modern era, which is why we design our content experiences for what we refer to as the Chief Wellness Consumer: mobile-first millennials, desktop boomers, multitasking parents, concerned caregivers, wellness-conscious warriors, and symptom solvers who make complex health decisions.

Healthcare Niche is a Google News Approved digital platform and is the perfect place to go for those who are looking for trustworthy health information and resources as well as the most interesting stories, tips, and solutions from some of today’s most powerful influencers as well as celebrities.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to providing trustworthy, real-world, evidence-based health information from the country’s finest healthcare experts and patient advocates, as well as personal patient experiences and health consumer insights from people on the front lines, in real-time.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Our mission is to inspire and enable wellness each and every day.
  • Our vision: Wellness that is truly inspired and enabled.