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How Dopamine Dressing Can Improve Mental Health And Cosmetic Procedures

Dopamine dressing is becoming more deliberate and popular as a crucial component of a toolset for enhancing mental health and self-expression

Mental Health And Cosmetic Procedures

How can dopamine dressing improve mental health? 2022 looks to be all about finding happiness through self-care and even enhanced appearances, from our faces to fashion. Sound conceited? It isn’t. Researchers have known for a long time that how we feel and look are directly related. Here are some examples of how people are applying that reality this year.

Dopamine Dressing: Adding Joy To Everyday Activities

In order to cause the production of dopamine, also known as the “happy hormone,” dopamine dressing is all about dressing happily (bright colors! rich textures!). Spoiler alert: it can work.

The majority of us have worn clothing that makes us feel good over time and appreciated it, says Ivona Percec, MD, PhD, Associate Director of Penn Cosmetic Surgery at Penn Medicine.

Today, however, dopamine dressing is becoming more deliberate and popular as a crucial component of a toolset for enhancing mental health and self-expression. In 2022, is there another tool that’s gaining ground? cosmetic treatments. But unlike deliberate dressing, cosmetic operations need some critical thought.

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Cosmetic Procedures: Boosting Mood and Confidence

Marc Jacobs, a fashion designer, shared a post-surgery selfie on social media in 2021 with the hashtag #LiveLoveLift. More recently, Amy Schumer shared a picture of herself in a beach suit with a liposuction disclosure. The comedian wrote, “I feel terrific.

More people are having cosmetic treatments done as a result of their normalcy. Particularly non-surgical methods are becoming more popular as reasonably risk-free solutions to enhance attractiveness. But before you use cosmetic operations to increase your happiness, consider the question Dr. Percec poses to all potential patients:


What do you hope to accomplish with an intervention? Asks Dr. Percec. Is it merely physical, such as ‘I want to smooth out the tip of my nose since it’s crooked and it concerns me,’ or something else? is it?

She argues that improving the appearance of the nose won’t fix broken marriages, avenge bullies from high school, or eliminate other troublesome body parts.

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She describes the notion that happiness may be unlocked through cosmetic operations as “a delicate one.” Because placing too high of a value on cosmetic operations might be a slippery slope or a cause for regret.

So, if someone wants to feel better about themselves, is a cosmetic operation ever a wise choice? Dr. Percec claims that the response is affirmative when expectations are reasonable.

“Your identity is primarily based on your face features. Patients who have reasonable goals and expectations can benefit from tiny enhancements by feeling their best. The body and the intellect work in close harmony. Patients now more than ever before have a broader,

Most of us found it more difficult these past few years to feel good. Fortunately, there are more possibilities than ever before for improving our appearances, which may also improve our attitude, mood, and confidence. Use your best judgment, have some fun, and don’t be shocked if feel-good emotions come as a result.