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TikTok Dry Scooping Trend: A New Study Found It Really Dangerous For Health

TikTok Dry Scooping Trend

According to a recent study, TikTok’s “Dry Scooping” fad is an extremely unsafe act that results in severe health hazards.

On October 12, 2021, this photograph shot in Moscow displays the Chinese social networking app TikTok’s logo on a smartphone screen.

Additionally, the experts determined that the TikTok challenge could endanger those who attempt it.

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TikTok’s Dry Scooping Challenge Trend

The “Dry Scooping Challenge” first caught the world by storm in June, when videos of users eating raw pre-workout powder without mixing it with water flooded the video-sharing platform.

Rather than that, the TikTok craze required simply a sip of water to send the workout powder down the person’s throat, much like swallowing a pill.

TikTok, a China-based app with over a billion downloads, is home to the majority of the most popular and contentious video challenges, like the Strangulation Challenge and the Milk Crate Challenge, to name a few.

TikTok’s Dry Scooping Challenge and Health Risks

When the Dry Scooping craze first took over TikTok, some medical experts expressed alarm about the potential health risks. Additionally, even athletic trainers expressed concern about the pre-workout powder’s unorthodox consumption.

Fitness instructors continued by warning that the workout supplement should be diluted with at least 200ml of water.

Meanwhile, according to The Independent, according to health experts, the pre-workout powder has components that boost a person’s performance, including vitamin B, amino acids, caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine.

Having said that, when the powder’s performance-enhancing components are ingested in excess, they may cause an individual’s heart rate to increase. Thus, health hazards such as a heart attack may result in death.

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TikTok’s Dry Scooping Challenge Triggers Health Risk: Study

However, if the initial warnings of health experts and recommendations of some physical trainers are insufficient to provide credibility, a study was conducted expressly to examine the concerns.

According to DailyWire, Nelson Chow, a Princeton University student who is also an intern at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, wrote the study about the Dry Scooping Challenge.

Additionally, the abstract author stated that the myriad trends online that may threaten users’ lives are “impossible for physicians to spot.”

Having said that, Chow chose to focus on one of the most popular fads on TikTok, adding that it “may deliver valuable results.”

The study examined a hundred TikTok posts using the hashtag #preworkout in their captions. Additionally, it took into account several elements in the video, including the amount of likes, servings, and method of pre-workout supplement administration.

Only 8% of the samples included in the study showed TikTok users properly ingesting pre-workout powder, which comprised energy drinks and protein powder.

The study shown that the challenge participants “were at an exceptionally high risk of overconsumption or inadvertent inhalation of pre-workout powder.”