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Smarter Technology Provides Best Virtual Healthcare Services

Virtual Health has changed the face of healthcare by expanding provider networks, cutting costs, and improving patient satisfaction. These gains can be sustained by guaranteeing seamless digital interactions and dependable, secure remote data access.

Virtual Healthcare
Doctor entering patient notes on a laptop in surgery

Patients appreciate the ease of accessing medical expertise and specialized care from the comfort of their own homes. Physicians like how simple it is to organize care, solicit team input, and monitor chronic conditions. Fewer hospital readmissions, ER visits, and patient no-shows save money, according to administrators.

It’s no surprise that half of the healthcare executives believe virtual delivery will account for a quarter of all care, both inpatient and outpatient.—by 2040.

However, virtual health is not without its drawbacks. A single low-quality video conversation can have a significant impact on a patient’s overall provider experience. Servers that are overburdened by remote requests may prevent providers’ timely access to critical information. Each remote user increases the susceptibility of the system to hackers.

Lenovo understands these issues as a technology solution provider to over 3,000 healthcare institutions across the world. We’re relieving them in collaboration with the IT departments that have aided the transition to virtual healthcare. Lenovo is streamlining the IT that delivers virtual patient care to keep it connected, continuous, coordinated, and secure.

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Connected and Continuous

Hospitals often rely on a portfolio of computing, networking, and storage solutions supplied from a variety of suppliers to upload, update, analyze, and archive the slew of datapoints that patients generate and rules demand. As a result, interoperability issues arise. In these complicated systems, friction can build up, affecting access and performance.

That’s why Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia’s largest healthcare system, replaced its three-tier design with Lenovo’s hyperconverged infrastructure, which is versatile, scalable, and reliable. This software defined infrastructure solution consolidates Fraser Health’s 12 hospitals’ computing, networking, and storage into a single virtualized box. Furthermore, as Fraser Health discovered in early 2020 when pandemic-induced lockdowns swept across Canada, it allows them to boost capacity almost instantly. Fraser Health was able to swiftly and efficiently increase their Remote Desktop Services infrastructure from 1,000 to 10,000 remote workers.

With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a service, such as Nutanix’s TruScale for Hosted Desktops, we’re assisting IT departments in ensuring that patient care is not jeopardized, no matter how massive the healthcare system or how sudden the disruption.

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Connected and Coordinated

Our infrastructure, when combined with Lenovo Analytics & AI and scalable storage, can enable healthcare organizations derive insight from exabytes of data in seconds. This allows clinicians to make more precise diagnoses and tailor patient treatments, while also allowing healthcare organizations to enhance efficiency and cut costs.

Lenovo also enhances outcomes on a more personal level by enhancing digital connections. Because providers can focus on their patients when smart collaboration technologies like Virtual Rounding deliver high-quality facetime. The margin for diagnostic mistake reduces as patients become more candid. Team communication improves as well, reducing provider burnout and providing patients with more consistent, coordinated care.

Connected and Secure

Malware. Cyberattacks. Theft of information. Because healthcare is the most lucrative business for hackers to breach, security is the migraine of administrator migraines.

From chip to cloud, we develop security that protects our customers. Every vendor in our supply chain, as well as every component we buy, adheres to the highest security standards. Our adaptable security solutions make it simple for your IT team to put up guardrails to keep users safe from malicious WiFi and suspicious files. Even easier: With Lenovo end-to-end Healthcare Services and DaaS, you can outsource security and lifecycle management to us.

Lenovo is unable of curing the common cold. Our solutions, on the other hand, can preserve the advances that lead to better patient outcomes by expediting virtual care delivery.