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5 Mind Hacks to Help You Feel More Powerful and Productive

In these hopeless circumstances, you will experience a surge of power from them, which will assist you in maintaining your mental fortitude.

Feel More Powerful and Productive

The globe is going through one of the most difficult periods in history. The world has come to a halt due to the coronavirus epidemic. We’re all attempting to adjust to working from home. While the first few days went off without a hitch, the prospect of being at home is causing some anxiety, discomfort, and stress.

Social isolation, the virtual world, the worry of what might happen next, and exploring the unknown are all proving to be difficult. Getting used to the new routine and staying on top of our game is proving to be more difficult than we anticipated. To say the least, the cost of this is harming our production and efficiency.

Self-coaching and empowerment are critical at this time. Improve your mental performance and strength by training your mind. We’ve compiled a list of five brain tricks that will help you feel powerful and psychologically strong during these trying times.

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Meditation is an old Indian technique for maintaining mental strength. It’s fascinating to observe how we’re all returning to old traditions. Meditation helps to keep the mind at ease. It also assists you in remaining present, clearing your mind, sharpening your memory, and increasing your resilience.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you should get started right away. It may be difficult to get used to at first because it takes time to adjust. There are a number of apps and YouTube tutorials that can assist you.

Rest Your Brain

During such critical periods, the amygdala, a group of neurons in our brain, goes into overdrive. This is used to process emotions and how you respond and react to them. When we believe we are confronting a problem, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline become particularly active. While they are necessary for survival, they have a long-term harmful influence.

This is the time to turn on everything around you and give your mind some much-needed rest. Allow it to be in a state of silence, tranquillity, peace, and relaxation.

Do things that bring you joy—read, write, and reflect on everything that brings you joy. Make your living room into a dance floor and just move around.

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Clear Working Hours

You shouldn’t put yourself under unnecessary stress just because you work from home. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. It’s important to remember that quality always takes precedence over quantity.

You have the option of limiting your working hours while still giving your all. You’ll be more responsive and disciplined as a result of this.

Helping Others and Connect

This may appear a little hazy, but it’s effective. You seem to be doing alright, but how are the people around you? Check with your neighbors to see if they have what you need. Get on a conference call or a group chat and check in with your loved ones. Some people might desire to talk about their problems. Listen to them and assist them in any way you can. Sometimes the finest thing you can do is simply listen. Find out how people are doing in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Treat Yourself

Make a daily checklist. Make a list of the tasks you want to do. It could be as basic as putting your clothes away, calling the client, writing an article, submitting a proposal, or sweeping the floor. Work on completing the list throughout the day. By the finish, give yourself a prize. Anything can be used as a reward, such as watching a movie, reading a book, or eating treat nibbles. It all depends on how important the prize is to you.

Understanding how your mind interprets and alters you both internally and outside is critical. We are barely able to contain the Covid-19 outbreak and the terror it is spreading over the world. We can, however, ensure that our feelings, reactions, and emotions are pleasant. We may focus on developing a strong mindset and assertiveness.