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8 Best Foods That Eliminate Fatigue

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Stress, the high pace of modern life, being connected all day, generates a chronic fatigue from which it is difficult to escape.

The first impulse to fight fatigue is to drink coffee, sugar, or sleep, but nutritionists tell us that the best help comes from food.

Dr. Jerlyn Jones proposes in Greatist eight foods to combat fatigue.

So there is no excuse not to consume them, if you feel fatigue and recognize that you are not at your best.

A good glass of water

This may surprise you, but according to Dr. Jones, in many cases fatigue is due to mild dehydration.

Water is the gasoline of the cells to do their job, so if you’re tired, start by drinking a glass of water.

A banana

Bananas have abundant potassium, fiber, vitamin b6, and complex carbohydrates.

One study showed that they have the same effect as an energy drink,without their negative effects. Haven’t you seen how cyclists and many athletes take them during races?


Packed with monounsaturated fats (those that benefit the heart), trace elements, minerals, and other nutrients,almonds provide a shot of energy.

A handful is enough, as they have quite a few calories.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate (with pure cocoa)is a proven relaxant. It reduces stress and dilates blood vessels,so it facilitates the transmission of nutrients to all muscles, fighting fatigue.

It also has antioxidants, some caffeine (but much less than coffee), and other beneficial properties.


Oats have plenty of fiber, protein, and low glycemic index (it doesn’t raise your sugar levels).

Take it when you are down, and you will notice how fatigue is reduced.

Of course, it must be whole grain oats without processing. They usually sell it in flakes. With milk, yogurt … how do you like it!

Green tea

Like all tea, it has caffeine,but without the negative effects of coffee and also with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

It is also good for clearing the mind.


This seed (which you should cook or moisten before) contains fiber, iron, protein,and other nutrients ideal for recovering energy.

It is an ancient food in America, but it has become fashionable in Europe in recent years.