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6 Immunity-Boosting Nutrition, Vitamins, and Supplements Tips

How can you maintain your physical and mental fitness during the Covid-19 period? Here’s a quick primer on the basics.

Immunity-Boosting Nutrition

The gates of hell have been breached, and flames can be seen everywhere. Coronavirus pandemic instances are increasing on a daily basis, causing widespread alarm among people all over the world. There is currently no antidote, vaccine, cure, or treatment available for Covid-19.

The number of confirmed cases in India has increased to 418, making the situation worrisome given that it has the world’s second-largest population after China. However, following the implementation of the ‘Janta Curfew’ on Sunday, India’s largest cities have been placed under lockdown in order to combat the coronavirus. While we cannot predict how severe the ramifications of this wildfire will be, we may speculate. One thing is certain: while we all fear the unknown, let us take responsibility and lead from the front.

If you are intellectually and physically healthy, you will be able to fit into any situation. We’ve already covered the Coronavirus: Prevention Measure as well as the Covid-19: Do’s and Don’ts previously. Now, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to everything you should and shouldn’t consume. The following is a comprehensive list of everything you need to incorporate in your diet to enhance your immunity, from foods to vitamins to supplements.

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1. Vitamins and Nutrition for Good

We are at a point in time where immunity is our highest priority. Vitamins are critical in the development of our physical structure. It is critical to be aware of what we consume and what we do not consume.

Begin with the following dose to see how it goes:

  • Water from Fenugreek
  • Methylcobalamin is a form of vitamin B12 (around 1200-1500mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) (2000ru every day or 6000ru once a week)
  • Vitamin C in combination with zinc The same is true for supplements (there are other options available for the same).
  • Include high-protein foods in your diet, as well as turmeric-based supplements (tofu, nuts, cottage cheese, and soybean)

2. Say No to Raw

No matter how much you adore raw cuisine, it is important to take a vacation from it from time to time. Salads are beneficial to one’s health, but in light of the current situation, we should refrain from eating them. Choose a properly prepared meal and attempt to take modest portions throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Don’t overindulge yourself!

3. Soup or One-Pot Meal

It can be tedious to cook at times when you are used to having house help. So choose soups that are packed with vegetables, or make a one-pot dinner that has a generous serving of vegetables and iron.

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4. Sleep and Workout

If you do not incorporate these two practices into your regular routine, your immunity will never improve.

Maintain a healthy eight-hour sleep schedule and engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day to maintain your health.

Yoga, meditation, a walk around the house, stretching, or skipping are all good options.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water, water, and more water! Make sure you’re getting enough water in your diet. It cleanses all of the toxins from your body, whether you use vitamin C supplements like lemon or glucose, or just plain water with ginger and coriander in it. Maintain your immunity at all costs.

6. Healthy Junk

It is critical to maintain a strong no-junk policy. Fruits paired with fresh yogurt or berry compote are a good choice.

When you’re looking for something to chew on, a piece of bread spread with almond or peanut butter is usually a good option to consider.