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5 Easy Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight

The gastronomic delights that our culture has are many and the cravings they provoke could lead you to gain a few extra kilos.

Avoid Gaining Weight

Our culture offers a plethora of gourmet delights, and the cravings they generate may result in overindulgence in food and alcohol, resulting in an increase in calorie consumption, which may result in you gaining a few extra kilograms.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity and overweight are the result of an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Therefore, when eating in excess traditional dishes during national holidays – which typically contain a high caloric and fat content – and not engaging in physical activity that helps eliminate their accumulation in the body, you run the risk of gaining weight.

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To help you commemorate these dates in a healthy and regret-free manner, we’ve compiled a list of five recommendations that will ensure you have a great time and give a big shout out:

1. Substitute ingredients

Because fish and chicken have less fat than other meats, incorporating one of them into traditional recipes such as pozole or enchiladas can help reduce caloric consumption while also adding a delightful flavor to the recipe.

2. Serve in small portions

One of the wishes of the majority of national holidays is to taste each meal. As a result of this anxiousness, we frequently put everything on the table without finishing it. Serve a small bit of each meal and quit when satisfied, is an advice made by experts for enjoying the celebration in moderation.

3. Reduce sugar and fat in each dessert

Desserts are an integral part of the culinary traditions associated with the national month, and in order to avoid omitting them, it is best to prepare them with low-fat ingredients, such as milk in custards or puddings, and natural sugar substitutes, such as the stevia plant or even honey, which will impart a unique flavor to each dish.

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4. Reduce alcohol consumption

While tequila or mezcal are unavoidable beverages to celebrate Mexican pride, a couple of drinks is more than enough. Alcohol in excess inhibits fat oxidation, which prevents fat from being used as energy by allowing it to collect rather than being used as energy, resulting in weight gain.

5. Avoid fasting periods

Prolonged periods without eating, particularly after ingesting high-fat or high-carbohydrate foods, can be damaging to health, resulting in illnesses such as gastritis, because gastric secretions constantly irritate the stomach while not getting food.

Maintaining good habits regardless of the date helps preserve optimal physical and mental health. It is not required to go to a gym to exercise; you can use the time after dinner to go for a stroll, walk with your dogs, dance, and play with your little children to engage in activities that not only keep you fit, but also help you clear up. and make the most of the holidays.

Finally, it is usually prudent to consult a general practitioner who can accurately diagnose our current state of health and propose the necessary steps to allow us to celebrate guilt-free.