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4 Life-Changing Benefits of Drinking More Water

The key to changing your life is proper hydration. Water may help you advance in your work, in your personal life, and in your overall health.

Benefits of Drinking More Water

I once heard from a massage therapist who claimed that they can tell whether or not a person is well-hydrated based just on the how their muscles feel when receiving a massage. However, most of the time, we don’t require the services of a specialist to recognize that the majority of us are very dehydrated. According to a survey conducted by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated, according to the results.

It is critical for us to maintain good health in order to be successful in both our professional and personal life — and drinking water is a critical component of maintaining good health. Humans can survive for up to 21 days without food, but only three to four days without water, according to the World Health Organization. So, before we join a new gym, begin a new diet, or embark on a meditation retreat, we should first make use of one of the most potent and easily overlooked resources we have at our disposal: water.

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Understand your balance

The ever-elusive work-life balance is frequently discussed, but how each individual achieves that balance will be unique to him or her. Understanding that we cannot achieve our highest levels of success if we are constantly slowed down by exhaustion and stress is critical..

It was only when I was first starting out in business that I became aware of the importance of finding ways to squeeze in more hours into the day. I had a bad night’s sleep and ate poorly, and the only liquid I could recognize was a caffeinated beverage. I eventually noticed that I was exhausting myself and that my job was deteriorating as a result.

It was necessary for me to shift my perspective. I began to realize that investing in my health is the same as investing in my career. It is naturally productive for me to spend time drinking water, exercising, and resting since I am preparing myself to work efficiently and with ease the next day.

It also serves as a gentle reminder to take care of myself when I am trying to move too fast. It allows me to calm down, reset, and then get back to work, even though it may appear inconsequential at first glance.

Four ways water can transform your life

Water makes 60% of the human body, yet when we are feeling fatigued, distracted, or depressed, we don’t often consider that we may be suffering from dehydration. In addition to eating our greens and getting enough vitamin D in the winter, water is an essential nutrient, and if we don’t get enough of it, both our physical and mental health may suffer.

However, dehydration is not a permanent condition. Once we begin to properly hydrate, the benefits begin to accrue in a snowball effect.

1. Cognition

Mid-afternoon slump is something we’ve all experienced — we think another cup of coffee will help, but instead we end up feeling jittery and our heart beating uncomfortably fast — We didn’t require any further coffee; rather, we required additional water. Recent research has revealed that dehydration has a negative impact on all aspects of our cognitive abilities, including short-term memory retention and the maintenance of long-term concentration. Hydration allows you to spend more time concentrating and less time fighting through brain fog as a result of your actions.

2. Mood

Dehydration has a direct impact on our mood as well. When we are dehydrated, our mood suffers, our head hurts, and we become stiff and irritable. Certain tasks may even appear to us to be more difficult than they actually are. Our bodies are attempting to alert us that something is wrong by sending out these signals. And while water is not a miracle panacea for all of our ills, it has been demonstrated to have a calming effect on the body shortly after exposure. After receiving water, according to a study published by the Cambridge University Press, participants reported feeling more “calm” and “awake” than they had before. Next time you find yourself feeling stressed at work, take a moment to consider when the last time you got a sip of water was – It is unlikely that hydration will make your job disappear, but it may alter your approach to it.

3. Sleep quality

Improved sleep quality and increased hydration are closely related. How many times have you been awakened in the middle of the night, desperately searching for a glass of water? Perhaps a splitting headache or a cramp in your leg jolted you out of a deep sleep? All of these symptoms are the result of dehydration from the previous day. Sleeping more deeply and with fewer interruptions is made possible by staying properly hydrated.

4. Building healthy habits

Drinking plenty of water is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When I began drinking more water, my energy level increased, and my desire to maintain other healthy behaviors increased as a result. Due to the fact that I drank water rather than soda, I did not experience a sugar crash in the afternoon. I drank a glass of water before and after each meal, which helped me feel more satiated and reduce the amount of food I consumed. I drank plenty of water before my exercises, which allowed my body to recuperate at a much faster rate, resulting in me returning to the gym on a more regular basis. My energy levels increased, I was more productive at work, and I shed more than 40 pounds as a result of filling up my water bottle every morning. All of these improvements began when I began filling up my water bottle each morning.

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How to create the habit

It is necessary for a habit to be convenient in order to be formed. Provide constant and simple access to water throughout the day to set yourself and your employees up for success. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few tips that have helped me stay hydrated throughout the years.

  • Invest in a large water bottle so that you don’t have to be refilling your glass all the time. Hydrojug is, of course, what I use.
  • Set up notifications to remind you to drink water at certain points during the day.
  • When dining out, choose water over other beverages.
  • Fruits and/or supplements can be used to enhance the flavor of your water.
  • Give yourself a reward for meeting your daily water intake goal.

We are well aware that a healthy lifestyle does not develop overnight; rather, it is the accumulation of tiny changes and everyday routines that allows our lives to evolve. Try out these tips and strategies to help you drink more water every day. It’s possible that over time, you’ll see an increase in the number of healthy habits you practice.

The first step

In a world overflowing with glitzy wellness products and programs, it’s easy to lose sight of one of the most straightforward (and least expensive) paths to good health: hydration (also known as electrolyte balance). The water you drink is an investment in the health of your family, the quality of your life, and the success of your business. Even though it may not appear to be a significant step forward in your quest for a better lifestyle, the good consequences you will receive will be life-altering.

Try it out for yourself for a week if I haven’t persuaded you by this point. Purchase a fresh water bottle and make a commitment to consume the entire contents before noon. I believe you will understand why if you find yourself smiling and your productivity skyrocketing as a result of this.